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Coach elite clients 100% online

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to coach leaders whose decisions affect millions of lives. Our IMPACT Coach program will teach you everything you need to find and coach elite clients 100% online. Our program can be followed completely online, and the strategies you will learn do not require you to travel to attract new elite clients. In other words: the Impact Coach program is perfect in pandemic times to increase your revenue, while you coach clients online.

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Amplify Your Impact

Coach Leaders Whose Decisions Influence Millions of Lives

As a coach to the elite, you will have an impact on leaders whose decisions affect millions of lives. Imagine if you knew that the actions of world leaders, top executives, and CEO's of Fortune 100 companies were being influenced by YOUR coaching. This dream is closer than you think.
You just need to learn:

  1. Exactly how to find, market and recruit high level clients capable of paying you $100,000 or more for your work.
  2. What to do when you have high level clients: How to use the right coaching tools and strategies to transform the thinking and habits of the global elite.

With the IMPACT Coach system, your work will not only influence individuals, but will also help to transform the very structures that shape our world. When a leader of a nation, a global corporation, or a major organization makes a decisive change, this impact will echo throughout the entire system, with ripples of change improving the lives of people across the globe… all thanks to you.

Consider becoming an IMPACT COACH to:

Transform Lives

Get access to our unique methodology that has transformed leaders of 100 Fortune companies, influencers and political leaders

Get Elite Clients

Learn our coaching business model, marketing strategies and offer templates that will show you exactly how to get elite clients and grow your income to the 7 figure level

Stand Out

Stand out as the “go to” coach in your field, city or specialization, and fill your practice with clients who are at the pinnacle of their field

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Become an Impact Coach

Benefits of Becoming a Certified IMPACT COACH:

Benefit 1


Have a profound impact on the world by working with leaders whose decisions affect millions.

Benefit 2


Our tried and tested methodology gives you the tools to quantify the success of your coaching, giving irrefutable evidence of your value and success.

Benefit 3


Help a Fortune 100 executive make even a 5% improvement, and your coaching is worth tens of millions. This means you can easily command six and seven figure fees for your work.

Benefit 4


We’ll personally research 100 relevant, targeted leads for you in your area so you can hit the ground running and get clients fast.

Benefit 5


Learn tons of new coaching questions and transformation techniques to improve your coaching skills and distinguish yourself as a coach who makes a lasting impact on your clients.

Benefit 6

BE #1

Distinguish yourself as the number one coach in your area. When you apply the business strategies and coaching techniques you’re about to learn, top leaders will be trying to secure appointments with YOU.

Discover Your Superpowers

The curriculum consists of 8 on-demand online training modules and 3 live Q&A sessions with Kasia/Patryk Wezowski

Based on the principles revealed in the groundbreaking documentary IMPACT (created by Patryk & Kasia Wezowski), you’ll learn and master the five superpowers and business models that will set you apart as a coach, marketer and influencer.

You can take the 8 modules video course online at your own pace and even watch on your mobile phone. All sessions are supported by downloadable slides and videos which you can access anytime. The course includes 3 live Q&A sessions with Kasia/Patryk Wezowski, one per month, to apply the strategies to your specific situation and answer all your questions.

Module 1: The Superpower of Emo-vision

Read emotions by detecting the subtle facial expressions most people aren’t even aware they are making:
  • Learn powerful coaching techniques that let you detect micro expressions and read the hidden emotions of your client
  • Get access to the METV program with over 300 videos to learn how to read micro expressions in real world situations
  • Upgrade your body language skills and apply your knowledge so you know what your clients are really thinking and feeling

Module 2: The Superpower of Super-mindset

Become charismatic and release the best version of yourself with our cutting edge Emotional Management Method:
  • Learn powerful exercises to step into your super mindset on the fly and help your client do the same
  • Master the EMM method to release any kind of emotional blockage or limiting beliefs - works on you and your clients
  • Discover 7 powerful techniques to transform the mindset and beliefs of even the most stubborn clients

Module 3: The Superpower of Empathy

Connect with others from a place of respect, authenticity and deep listening:
  • Become your authentic self with proven exercises that allow you to connect with and lead from your core
  • Guide your clients so they too can step into the most authentic version of themselves

Module 4: The Superpower of Unity

Find common goals, win negotiations, and motivate teams:
  • Learn exercises to help your coaching clients to become better leaders, negotiators, and speakers
  • Discover the Common Goal methodology that gives you and your clients the power to end conflict and unite people towards the same aim

Module 5: The Superpower of Precognition

Predict what other people want and plan your next steps based on this knowledge:
  • Master the powerful BLINK Conversation method that will allow you to predict how others will react in various situations
  • Lead your clients on exercises that will help them master this superpower, significantly increasing their emotional intelligence and charisma

Module 6: The TABLE Model

Create a whole life transformation on the level of beliefs, identity, and habits with this groundbreaking coaching tool. The TABLE model helps you to make a total transformation of your client's behavior, actions, emotions, mindset, and body language. You'll learn step-by-step strategies on how to transform anybody in a measurable way. The TABLE model is based on Kasia Wezowski's research at the University of London on the relationship between self-confidence, body language, and professional performance.

Module 7: Get Measurable Results

Exactly how to track, quantify and prove the impact of your coaching. This is essencial if you plan to coach corporations or business leaders. You'll get the proven questions, models and charts that show your client the evidence that your coaching works and helps your client to grow.

Module 8: The IMPACT Business Model

Arm yourself with exact scripts, templates, processes and more that we use to grow our business - a step by step, toolkit that will show you exactly how to identify, find and close top level clients. We'll search and send you the top 100 contacts in your area. You'll learn how to find more clients effectively and how to ask top fees.

The Impact Coach program starts on

The Early Bird registration fee expires on . Time left until Early Bird expires:

Become an Impact Coach

Bonus 1:
The 30 Most Powerful Coaching Questions You Can Ever Ask

Just one of these questions can totally transform someone’s life!

Bonus 2:

Get 12 Complete Coaching Sessions With World-Class Coaches
Filmed in Theatre Quality for our LEAP Documentary

Witness coaching at its best with this unique collection of 12 in depth sessions from our Leap film, each approximately 45 minutes in length. Filmed in theatre quality, the detail and emotion shown in these sessions will captivate and amaze. These videos are a must for every coach. You’ll see world-class techniques in full to copy and use with your own practice as an Impact Coach.

Bonus 3:
We’ll Arm You With the Following Tools and Support

Personal Support

Ask your questions directly to the creators during the 8-week, live online course

Training Materials

Get “Plug and Play” coach materials including everything we use for our coaching

Marketing Tools

Attract more clients with the exact marketing and sales templates we use in our business

Measuring Tools

Prove your ROI by using our measuring tools to quantify the progress of your students

100 Targeted Leads

We’ll personally research 100 targeted leads for you to help you hit the ground running and find clients fast

Get Licensed

Select trainers have the option to become a Licensed IMPACT Coach Trainer. This means we’ll personally introduce you to CEO's in our network who are looking for coaching. You’ll also be able to teach certification courses in your region

Meet Your Instructors: Patryk & Kasia Wezowski

Patryk & Kasia Wezowski are the founders of the Center for Body Language, the #1 body language training center for business people, with partner organizations in 23 countries and 55 cities worldwide. Through their events and online courses, Kasia & Patryk have trained tens of thousands of people to be more successful in life and business by discovering their own Body Language Code.

As the directors/producers of the Hollywood documentaries “IMPACT”, which introduced body language principles to a mainstream audience, and “LEAP”, which quantified the power of coaching, Kasia and Patryk have worked with some of the most recognizable leaders active today, including Jack Canfield, John Demartini, Marshall Goldsmith and Daniel Goleman.

Frequent contributors to authoritative publications such as Forbes, The Huffington Post and the Harvard Business Review, Patryk and Kasia have presented at TedX and Harvard University, and advised the National Geographic on micro expressions as part of a TV series. Their books “Without Saying a Word,” “Taking Your Leap,” and “The Micro Expressions Book for Business” have been published by major publishing houses and achieved bestseller status in multiple countries.

Our coaches deliver coaching for top companies:

Your Career as a Certified Impact Coach

As a Certified Impact Coach, you will be working to transform the world, one leader at a time. It’s up to you how you run your business and who you work with. We’ll give you the tools and show you exactly what you need to do in order to attract your dream clients and transform their lives.

Financial Freedom on Your Own Terms

Because of the nature of high-level coaching, many Impact Coaches choose to work with only a small handful of clients. If you have 10 clients, each of whom pays you a six figure check, then you have a nice business! Some coaches work with just two or three clients at a time, others choose to use products and the internet to reach thousands. How you choose to work is up to you.

Quickly Earn Back Your Investment

Because of the business, marketing and pricing strategies you will learn, most Certified Impact Coaches require just one additional client in order to more than earn back their investment in this training multiple times over. We’ll show you exactly what to do in order to get as many more clients as you want to work with.

Become an Impact Coach

Become a Licensed Impact Trainer

For students who want to take things to the next level, once you graduate as a Certified Impact Coach you can go on to become a Licensed Impact Trainer. This means you’ll run your own exclusive Impact Coach Certification Center in your country or region, and you'll be able to certify other Impact Coaches. We work hard with our partners to ensure they are successful. Some of the perks include:

  • Your bio on our high traffic website to help you attract more clients
  • Your selected videos featured on our Youtube channel that has over 3 million video views
  • Host an Impact movie screening in your city - we’ll support the event and help you earn revenue from sales made to attendees
  • Access to our leads of relevant people in your city, and our assistance in attracting more leads and students
  • Your own website template, as well as additional marketing resources and material to make getting set up quick and easy

Licensed Impact Trainer partnerships are available only to select coaches.

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Become an Impact Coach

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